Hosting NSB for Customized Online Marketing Packages

Today’s ever-changing and evolving business landscape requires effective online marketing if you want to play with the big boys. Even if you are happy with just maintaining status quo in your small business, you need to jump into the online marketing game to get on a level playing field with your competition. After you are certain you have a quality web site in place, there are several advantageous components of quality Internet marketing that you may want to consider. Let’s just address a few…

First off, effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is imperative. Effective SEO will get you top positioning on search results pages, resulting in increased traffic to your website, and more sales. SEO is the most cost-effective of marketing strategies because it can be so well targeted. Prospective clients are more qualified from the start and, subsequently, more willing to make a purchase. SEO improves brand recognition, drawing more people to your website. It also provides quantifiable results. Tracking is easy. With SEO, you can track every aspect of your strategy, so you can adjust according to the results to maximize your plan.

Then, of course, there is Facebook advertising, which can reach a huge pool of potential customers, from teens to grandparents. It is also budget-friendly and completely customizable. Compared to other forms of advertising, Facebook ads are highly effective at a much lower cost point. You get what you pay for with Facebook advertising. For instance, business owners can opt only to pay when a Facebook user clicks through their website. And, with Facebook advertising, potential customers can be targeted based on their personal interests. It is easy to track your ROI. Facebook ads run with a Like button, so if a Facebook user “likes” your ad, it will appear to all of her friends. Conversely, users can close your ad and provide a reason so that you can see why your ad is not doing well.

Google Ad Words is another great way to pay per click. First you need an ad that tells people what you offer. Then you choose search terms that will give your ad a high ranking in Google searches. Finally, you set a budget that is comfortable for you. You can also choose your customers by locations or hours during the day. Google Ad Words can target your audience geographically by country, region or city, or even set a certain perimeter around your business.

Another way to market smart is through e-newsletters. With e-newsletters, you can let your clients know about your latest news and innovations, upcoming events, new hires, promotions, certification and referral rewards. You can also print it for use as a leave-behind or a marketing tool for prospective clients if you choose. They can help increase your revenue and referrals from existing clients; build client confidence and enhance your company’s reputation; and maintain and increase the longevity of your client base. They are more versatile than ordinary advertisements – allowing you to tell more of your story. E-newsletters also make communication easier for clients, promoting more client interaction.

The success of your online marketing depends largely on your professional strategist, so make certain you have a knowledgeable one. Hosting NSB is Volusia County’s trusted source for full-service Internet marketing packages including SEO, Facebook Updates, Newsletters, Google and Facebook ads.