What Our World Was Like Before Websites

Did you know that people actually once visited libraries and rifled through hardback encyclopedias to research information? Kids didn’t text. They sent handwritten notes in class. And shopping required actually leaving the house to visit a brick and mortar store. Mp3 what? People made mix-tapes (music recorded from the radio onto cassette tapes, in case you were wondering). Games were played on tabletops and there were absolutely no websites. The world was a cruel place. 

There was no Googling for anything you needed. There were no Internet product details or photos. Business owners had to resort to prehistoric measures to get the word out about their products and services. They used word of mouth. Yeah, I know. Crazy, right? People actually had to take the time to spread the word about good (and bad) business practices and exceptional (and not so exceptional) products and services by speaking face to face to one another. Nothing was instantaneous and product reviews were largely relegated to Consumer Reports magazine.

Folks learned about products and services from printed flyers that came in the mail. Social media posts were once posters (Yep, that’s where the word “post” originated. Who knew?) you might find tacked to bulletin boards or taped to the walls of your favorite haunts. And business owners were simply armed with leave-behinds like business cards and printed brochures to tout their wares.

Ah, but rest easy my friend. Today the Internet affords us tons of opportunities to reach the masses and market our merchandise. There are attention-grabbing websites packed full of valuable information. There are social media platforms where you can efficiently and conveniently connect with customers. There are email blasts, digital newsletters, online brochures and so much more…and there is Hosting NSB to help with it all!

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