Why Adding Social Media Platforms to Your Website Is Important

There are over two billion active social media accounts in existence, and adding social media platforms
to your website provides your company with a nearly free way to reach them. Aside from the low cost
aspect of social media platforms, they offer global reach – virtual unlimited access to your potential
Social media platforms improve the customer experience in so many ways, leading to positive
enforcement of your brand. It also opens give and take communication with customers. You can speak
to them in real-time to build relationships, acquire important feedback, test ideas and manage customer
service issues quickly. Traditional media venues just cannot compete. Social media platforms are also
flexible. They can be updated in seconds, ensuring that your information is always up-to- date and that
your SEO rocks!
A study by MHI Global Research Institute indicates that nearly 75% of companies marketing through
social media report a sales increase in 12 months. Keep in mind that all the cool kids are doing it! In
other words, you need to participate to be on a level playing field in business today because there is no
doubt all of your competitors are.
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