Photography / Videography

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Hosting NSB offers photography / videography services at affordable prices. We offer a full range of services for property managers, realtors, business owners, home builders, home owners, hobbyists and more! NO hidden fees. References available. Give us a call to get a free quote (386) 427-6457.

It is a proven fact that the first thing that draws your attention in any advertising or marketing materials is a photo or graphic. When we glance, we see photos before we can read type. In fact, photos can actually make you more apt to read the type.

That being said, you can understand how important good photos can be to your web site, within your e-newsletters and in other advertising.

Our exceptional photographers take top quality, high resolution photos of some of the finest beachside accommodations in the area. Our equipment is also impeccable. Armed with the Cannon 10D – which offers flexible parameters, an orientation sensor and improved focus and white balance features – our range is versatile and reproduction quality flawless. We’d love to help update your web site with stunning photos, making it “picture – perfect”!
*Please note: We don’t use professional lighting as this helps to keep your cost affordable. We use a combination of HDR (High Dynamic Range) and post processing techniques to get high quality interior and exterior photography.

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