Changing the Age Demographic of Facebook

The number of Facebook users has grown to (dare we say) unnerving numbers. There are 2.2 billion monthly users and 1.45 billion of them are daily active users. Those are staggering statistics – statistics to which you better play close attention if you expect to be a profitable participant in today’s dog-eat-dog business climate.

Ok, so let’s talk about how far Facebook has come as it relates to the age of its users. The facts may surprise you. With the exception of those over the age of 65, over ½ Americans in every age group are on Facebook. No social medium, other than YouTube, has as broad a reach. In the United States, millennials make up the largest portion of the Facebook user roster. Two in three U.S. adults log in every day.

A funny fact is that 34 percent of teens polled by Forrester Research think Facebook is for old people, but 76 percent of 12-17 year-olds still use it; and 80 percent of their parents are “friends” with their teenagers on Facebook. The smallest Facebook demographic is the age group of 65 and older, although four in ten of those people are using Facebook – about double since 2012!

Like Superman in the face of everything barring kryptonite, it seems that Facebook is indestructible. Despite recent Facebook controversies, it seems users just won’t kick the habit. In fact, Facebook earnings just continue to rise. It really is a remarkable platform, as well as an amazing social media advertising vehicle. For information on how to best us Facebook to your marketing and advertising advantage, contact Hosting NSB – the social media experts.