Check Your Web Designer’s Portfolio before You Hire Him

A website is a highly effective and affordable way to compete with any size company anywhere in the world…IF it is well done. In today’s market, you have seconds to grasp someone’s attention with your graphics and content, so you can’t trust your website development to just anyone.

Before you hire a web designer, check his portfolio. A good web design portfolio should include tantalizing, customer-driven content with all the latest web design enhancements. You may not want or need them all, but it is good to know that your web designer is knowledgeable enough to make virtually anything happen for you. His designs should be customer-friendly and easy to navigate as well as eye-catching. Nothing should take too long. Graphics should be quick to load and any videos should be succinct and include tons of visual appeal. A few seconds on a website can determine whether or not a viewer will stay or dive deeper.

Look for design diversity, so that you know he can handle a wide range of different types of websites. No one wants to pay for a cookie-cutter website. Is there unique typography? Are the graphics and photos engaging and is content easy to read and follow? Most importantly, do YOU find his work enticing? Or does it make you want to swipe right?

Also make sure that he can make his work clearly visible on all major browsers. And ask about web maintenance time. A good professional web designer can keep your web maintenance time to a minimum so you can concentrate on your business instead of “housekeeping.”

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