Contemporary Web Designs with Videos Are a Growing Trend

On any given day, we get hit with hundreds, if not thousands, of advertisements – on billboards, television, in print media and online. If those ads aren’t unique, or if we don’t immediately notice something relevant within them that causes us take pause, we are blind to them. Before you can wow your website viewers with tantalizing customer-driven content, you have to draw them in, and what better to do that than a contemporary web design and video?

A good web designer is familiar with the latest and greatest web design bells and whistles, and with today’s hectic pace, online videos have become a proven decision making tool for potential buyers. Many of us are considered visual people, so a quick, concise video can be very enticing to us. There are product/feature videos and background videos, both with can be expertly used to tell your story quickly and efficiently – saving viewers time while effectively capturing their attention.

There are so many other ways to improve your visitor’s experience. As Pinterest does, you can include tiny, separately contained pieces of content to provide an easy way for them to choose where they prefer to be directed. There are unique typography and font options available that can draw your attention to certain areas of the page and weren’t around back in the day. Just a word to the wise – if you do decide to deviate from the norm, be careful to choose fonts that are supported by most browsers. There are hidden (hamburger) menus, to help you preserve screen space while still providing your viewer with a long list of directional options. Strong graphics or photos can also entice folks to scroll down and read more. You can even use dimension to create the optimal viewing experience. For example, research indicates that flat images are easier to view than 3-D images, but semi-flat images with subtle shadows are becoming very popular because they maintain visual appeal AND are easy to comprehend.

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