Hosting NSB Has a Healthy APPetite!

Hosting NSB consistently strives to maintain and improve customer satisfaction. One way we are able to do that is by employing a whole host of APPealing, APPropos APPs. Hold your APPlause! Okay, I will stop.

We use a variety of APPs to run the business which we APPsolutely (Alright, I promise…) LOVE!

  • Google Sheets is invaluable to us to help keep track of hours, projects, billing and more.
  • We use Google Docs to keep all documents available at all times.
  • Google Hangouts and Voice provides us with a phone number that allows us to reach out to business and personal phone lines without providing our personal phone number.
  • Slack is a work-based chat channel for quick and concise project communication.
  • Trello is a to-do list with drag and drop functionality for quick and easy addition and completion of various tasks.
  • Evernote is note taking in the Cloud with added features like business card scanner and access to our notes on all devices.

Hosting NSB APPreciates (I lied) your business, and will continue to do whatever it takes to make your Hosting NSB experience a pleasing and successful one!

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