How Technology Has Taken Us from Print Ads to Social Media Marketing

Back in the day, computers and the World Wide Web began to make our lives easier. They helped us connect to the rest of the world, complete tasks and do our jobs more effectively. We came to rely on them. So, we came to rely on print media a little less.

Then, the Internet and all it offers became available on all types of devices. We weren’t just able to get information on our desktops and laptops, but we could get virtually anything we wanted on our mobile devices. Now we treat our cell phones like an added extremity and rely on other ways to receive information even less.

The effect this trend has had on advertising is that social media marketing has hit an all-time high while print ads have become almost obsolete. Think about how many times you check Facebook, post a photo on Instagram or send a tweet. Then compare it to the number of time you read a newspaper.

This is great news for advertisers though. Social media marketing is more cost-effective (and just plain effective) than print advertising for several reasons. You can reach more people with social media than you can with print. Even seniors, who may have previously relied more heavily on print media than most, are now on Facebook to interact with their grandkids.

You can also eliminate waste by choosing who you want to reach on social media, targeting people by age, location, income and more. You can’t do that so easily with print advertising.

Additionally, social media allows you to easily communicate and network with potential customers. With social media, you can get a better sense of what your customer wants and needs, as well as how to improve your product or service.

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