Increase Revenue and Referrals with E-Newsletters

Today’s business market is highly competitive, so you need to market smart – using the most effective and affordable marketing means available to you. One of the most cost-effective, efficient ways to market your company is through an e-newsletter to your existing clients.
The benefits of e-newsletters are staggering:
• They increase your revenue and referrals from existing clients.
• They build client confidence and enhance your company’s reputation.
• They maintain and increase the longevity of your client base.
• They are more versatile than ordinary advertisements – allowing you to tell more of your story.
• E-newsletters make communication easier for clients, promoting more client interaction.
• Return on your investment (ROI) is high because your audience is targeted. You are reaching a population that has a predetermined interest in your product or service, so there is no waste.
• E-newsletters to your current customer base are more cost-effective than pursuing new customers.
• The results are easy to track.
• E-newsletters are more affordable than traditional newsletters because they save in printing and mailing costs.
…And, the best benefit is that they are easy to create. Hosting NSB now offers newsletters, so you don’t need to worry about a thing!
So, go ahead – showcase your customer benefit and latest products, and let your clients know about your latest news and innovations, upcoming events, new hires, promotions, certification and referral rewards. You can also print it for use as a leave-behind or a marketing tool for prospective clients if you choose.