How to Profit from Google Ads and PPC

Put simply, Google Ad Words is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Google. Basically, it works this way…People choose keywords to search for what they need. You, as an advertiser, try to determine what those keyword might be, relating to your business. If any of your keywords match their keyword/s, BAM, your ad will appear next to or above their search result.

There are some huge benefits to Google advertising and PPC. First of all, you only pay for what you get…no advertising waste here! You choose the dollar amount you want to spend, and then you only pay when someone clicks on your ad…Hence, Pay Per Click!

Google ads are also extremely targeted. Aside from reaching your target audience via their interests, you can carve out your desired target location, customer age…almost anything you can imagine!

And it’s totally trackable. Determining your return on your investment is a snap because the number of clicks, number of impressions, click-through rate, number of conversions, conversion rate and cost-per-click are all measured when you advertise with Google.

So, show your ad for your business to those in your target market for exactly what you do or provide. Hosting NSB, an expert facilitator of Google ads and PPC, would be happy to help you implement a successful plan or answer any of your questions.