Selling Products on Facebook

Over 250 million people use Facebook, and no doubt many of them are your potential customers. Why
not use the largest social platform in the world to boost your sales??? It’s a no-brainer and it offers
more benefits than you might imagine.
All you need is a Facebook page to be able to launch a customized online store that looks professional.
There are some great features out there to help you effortlessly manage your store and sell physical or
downloadable products with ease.
Tools available include SSL certification to secure your transaction data; mobile responsiveness; an
intuitive check out process; simple payment options; and real-time updates. You can even sync your
Facebook page with your web site so that when you update products or catalogues on your site, they
are automatically and instantly updated on your Facebook page as well!
For consistency, you can customize the look of your store to reflect the look and feel of your web site.
You can add links to your products to further increase sales. It’s also a good idea to leverage other social
networks, such as Twitter and Instagram for an even stronger marketing push. You even have the option
for built-in SEO. Facebook also has built in analytics to track success.
Don’t worry! There are trusted professionals who can get you set up with your online store in no time!
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