Using Social Media to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Your website is a major way your share information with your target market. Tying social media to your
website can improve upon your web presence ten-fold. Social media can not only help drive your target
audience to your website, it can create more brand awareness and, ultimately, increase response to
your website.

One of the most important benefits to social media is that there are over two billion active social media
accounts in existence. What this means to you is that adding social media platforms to your website will
provide your company with an inexpensive way to gain virtually unlimited access to your potential
customers. And when you are able to add customers via social media networks such as Facebook, they
can spread the word about your company via their “friends” and increase your exposure exponentially.

Another great benefit that social media provides is Geo targeting. In business, knowing your audience is
key. With Geotargeting, you can learn the age, gender, likes and dislikes of your audience and more,
allowing you to reach potential customers more easily as well as send the most appropriate content to

Social media also promotes open communication with customers. You can speak to them in real-time to
build relationships, acquire important feedback, test ideas and manage customer service issues quickly.
Additionally, social media is flexible. It can be updated in seconds, ensuring that your information is
always up-to- date and improving your search ranking at the same time.

There is no doubt that your competitors are profiting from all of the benefits of social media. Don’t fall
behind. Develop an effective, individually tailored social media plan with the help of Hosting NSB – your
trusted source for affordable social media plans and web design.