Venetian Bay Homeowners Website

Venetian Bay Homeowners Website

In November 2014 we met with Stephen Laub from the The Venetian Bay Homeowners Website to update their original website which had  been up & running for the past 10 years. Our updates included making the website mobile friendly. The website is an independent website and is not affiliated with or contracted by the *Venetian Bay Homeowners Association, Inc. (the * “Association”) or their developer. This internet venue, including the content of articles and advertisements contained therein, is not authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by *the Association. This website is a free community service & social information venue expressly designed for the entire Central Florida Area. 

Mr. Laub came to us with his vision and ideas for the redesign of the Venetian Bay Homeowners Website; and together after many hours of collaboration, we came up with the final published updated Venetian Bay Homeowners Website:

After many hours brainstorming together, we came up with a dynamic website that is not only aesthetically beautiful and very simple to navigate; it also provides all the pertinent information that a homeowner or resident wants and needs, at their fingertips (keyboard).

From start to finish Hosting NSB stays in constant communication with our clients to ensure they go from initial concept, to the finished website. That way we are sure that our clients’ get exactly what they want. We also provide our constant input during our consultations, on what ideas work, and what content should be included on the free social community website –   .

The   website is a wonderful free concept for homeowners and residents of the Venetian Bay Town & Country Club Community in New Smyrna Beach Florida; to keep current with news, and events and activities occurring in their community.

Stephen Laub is currently managing their Facebook Site as well as the homeowners website, and we give him kudos for his ideas, creativity, dedication, & hard work on the website and Facebook Page. It takes a lot of time and energy to update posts every day, however it is crucial in order to maintain a well-functioning website. What the Venetian Bay Homeowners Website accomplishes is that they inform the homeowners and residents about important information that is taking place within their community, and around their geographical vicinity. Many people also find this important information very useful when it comes to their deciding where to live; by helping them make an informative decision in choosing to rent or purchase a home, condominium, or townhome residence.

On the Venetian Bay Homeowners Website:   you can find newsletters, homeowners association news, calendar of events, bulletin boards, 24 hour live Beach Cameras with video & sound, Free Local Newspapers, homes for sale or rent, golf course information, local advertisers offer special coupons on the “HOT SPOTS” Advertisers Section, places to stay, even concierge services for homeowners and residents’.

New Smyrna Beach Florida is rapidly increasing in popularity as “The Destination to Live” & “Orlando’s Quaint Beach”. New Smyrna Beach has seen a recent surge in tourism. What better way to attract potential homeowners & residents, than with a free amazing informative and easy to use social community website? That is why we at Hosting NSB can’t emphasize enough, that websites are the key to easily provide resources and information to everyone in today’s connected world. You are only one click or telephone call away from having our design team provide you with your own first class website. One call will do it all – 386-427-6457