Your Website Is as Good as the Content You Provide the Web Designer

A good web designer has an innate knowledge of the area to which you are marketing; is up to date on all of the latest design trends; has a solid familiarity with the core elements of design; possesses marketing know-how; and is must be sincerely invested in the success of your business.

A good web designer can make your site eye-catching, friendly, easy to navigate and easy to read; but, without the right information, how can he or she effectively showcase your most important customer benefits and hit all the right hot buttons? A web designer – no matter what tools he has in his arsenal – can only be as good as the content you provide.

Share your client profile. Is your typical customer male or female? How old are they? Where do they live? What do they like? What makes your product important to them? And is there another target market you are not reaching, but would love to. Discuss the specifics of this market with your web designer as well. Share all of the advantages or your product or services, as well as any deterrents or potential pitfalls.

Your web designer can make your site enticing and engaging, but he needs the basic, hard-hitting information only you can provide. So, when you sit down with your web designer, make sure you give him everything he needs, so that you get everything you are paying for.