What to look for when buying your first computer

When purchasing your first computer there are many things to take into consideration. What is the computer going to be used for and how much information do you think you will be storing on it. Once you have decided what your needs are you can start searching the web and collect sufficient information in order to make an informed decision. You may want to decide whether you want a laptop, ultra book, netbook, tablet, tower-style desktop computer or an all in one.

After you know what you want you should start thinking about Hard Drive Space. This is a data storage device that saves all your information and determines how many files, movies, and songs you can store on your computer. Next is RAM (Random Access Memory) and this determines the performance of multiple programs running at the same time.

Than you may want to consider processor speed and power. You must think about getting the speed of your computer. Some of you that have an older computer may notice the huge difference between an older unit as opposed to a newer model that runs at the speed of lightning. This can determine how fast and efficiently you can work or browse the internet.

Lastly you should think about your ports and plugs, these are the small slots on the side or front of your computer used for SD, HDMI, USB and Thunder bolt. Each of these are for various purposes such as storing extra memory, photos, documents and such.

Now that you have done your research you are ready to look into a company that suites your wants and needs.

Here at Hosting NSB we use MacBooks but that is just our preference. We wish you the best of luck with your first computer shopping experience.