Why Hosting NSB Loves HDR Photography for Real Estate Web Sites

HDR Photography – in other words, High Dynamic Range imaging – can reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging and other photographic techniques. In simpler terms, the human eye constantly adjusts to a wide range of luminance in our environment, and HDR images can represent a greater range of luminance levels. The result is more similar to what the eyes see than what the camera sees…and that is a very good thing, especially for real estate websites.

With HDR, photos look better in certain situations, such as:

Landscapes – Expansive landscape photos can offer a lot of contrast between sky and land. With HDR, you can capture the sky’s detail without making the land look too dark or vice versa.

Outdoor Portraits in Sunlight – Harsh sunlight and glare on any item outdoors can highlight very unflattering characteristics, which is certainly not something you want when you are promoting that item. HDR photography can eliminate that harsh glare.

Low Light and Backlit Scenes – Photos look too dark with too much backlight, but HDR can brighten up the darker portions of your photos without washing out the better-lit portions of your photos.

Hosting NSB, specializing in internet marketing and exceptional web photography, loves using HDR photography, especially for real estate websites, because it is a great tool for better looking real estate photos. So when you want to highlight your real estate properties in the best light, go with HDR photography and Hosting NSB. Stop in our convenient New Smyrna Beach location on Dixie Highway or just give us a call for a free consultation.