WordPress dominated the top 100 blogs

Here at Hosting NSB, our website design team specializes in Web Development within WordPress. We do this because WordPress offers an amazing control management back end that allows each client the ability to change their own website with ease.

WordPress has been around since before 2006, it has steadily grown with a huge supportive community to move past just blogging. Becoming an amazing solution for large scale and simple business websites. Offering many features including quick customization, brilliantly easy user management, and amazing plug ins for any situation.

WordPress is used by over 14% of the top 1 millions websites according to wikipedia, and 22% of all new websites created over the past 4 years have been implemented on this system, totaling over 60 million websites.

The use of WordPress for business is growing as it becomes easier and easier to use. At Hosting NSB we have developed a custom interface that makes it even easier! We use this provide you with very affordable websites that previously would cost a lot more money!

Along with quickly editing sites, WordPress also offers the ability to handle very complex systems with ease. Lets say your business wants a community of clients where each client can log in with their own credentials, talk to each other, ask questions, and interact with you and your other clients, promoting connectivity and that home town feel for your online presence. Well, WordPress can handle this beautifully and easily. Allowing us to create this type of system for you with less fuss then ever before.