Gerry’s Marina


Gerry’s Marina


New Smyrna Beach, FL




  • Parallax Photographs
  • Detailed data and links
  • Inventory with description
  • Resource links
  • Map


Hosting NSB created a website for Gerry’s Marina where the prospective client can view full colored photographs, prices and descriptions of the boats categorized by make, model and year with ease. The client wanted a fully descriptive website where the customer would obtain all the information from just reading the site.

You will also find the website is auto responsive on any mobile device, smart phone, laptop or desktop which is a convenient feature.

Included are also many subcategories where you will find contact information, specials, parts department, financing and even news! It was such a pleasure to do this website as it entails bright crisp photos that are eye catching and speak for themselves.

Launch Project


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