Different Types of Websites

We all know that websites should be eye-catching to draw in potential customers; they should contain content that piques the interest of potential clients; and they should be customer-friendly and easy to navigate. Maintaining excellent search engine positioning with related keywords and putting effective advertising and social media program in place are also imperative.

However, there is more to it. There are several types of websites that can be created for your business, and it is important to choose the right one. Savvy business owners can propel their businesses to the next level simply by making sure they have the right type of website in place, or by upgrading to a more interactive, different type of website…and it is important to have an experienced, reliable website developing company – like Hosting NSB – on your side to do it right.

There are simple, one-page websites that explain your product or service and provide a strong call to action and contact information. These are great because they are so cost-effective, and if your purpose is just to let potential customers what you do and how they can find you, this could be the perfect type of website for you.

There are also multi-page websites for more complex businesses. Take for example a continuing care retirement community. What would work better for them would be a site with a home page, a page explaining levels of care, a page with services and amenities, another page with apartment and cottage layouts, and one showcasing lifestyle which might include menus and social opportunities. There might also be a section for calendars and events, and one for blogs and updates, and finally one with contact information and possibly a brochure for download. You get the idea.

There are also e-Commerce sites which are more interactive. Depending on your needs, these sites can include online catalogues, they can capture customer information, they can even take actual orders, and more.

A well-designed website can entice your potential clients to become actual clients. The easier it is for them to access your products and services, the easier it will be for you to increase your sales. To find out which type of site would work best for you, contact Hosting NSB in New Smyrna Beach.