Edgewater Riverfest and Business Expo

3/21/15 @ 10am – 4pm Saturday (Edgewater)

This local event will be packed with many things to do and we are very excited about attending it. We will have a booth set up where you can drop by and gather pamphlets and all kinds of resource information about our company.  We will be located on Park Avenue and if you are thinking of starting a new company or bringing more business to your current one come on by to chat with us, we know how to help. Some people see our company name and have no idea what we do so here is some information about us you might find helpful. We create dynamic, fun, auto responsive and professional web sites for companies that want an internet presence. We will first meet with you to discuss your ideas and vision for your website and incorporate that with our dazzling talent to make a website that will benefit you in a variety of ways. At this point we will also discuss a domain name or company name you may have in mind then you would check it’s availability which is conveniently located right on our Hostingnsb.com website. Once we see it is available we can begin our journey to your customized website.  The main reason people have websites is to promote their business or products. Yes you may have a steady flow of clientele but want to target a whole different group of customers now, we can help with that. You may be starting your own business and want the locals to find out about it. For whatever your reasons we will work with you from start to finish to give you what you want and need. We always strive to please our clients while at the same time making sure your new site is user friendly and marketable. The time is now to get started if you have a website that needs a new look or if you want to start from scratch. Keep in mind we have the most talented team that offer affordable prices. Come by and see us friends!