Eldercare Simplified


Eldercare Simplified


New Smyrna Beach, FL




  • Multi Page Design
  • Parallax Images
  • Text Marketing Campaign
  • Testimonials Widget
  • Video Feature
  • Clickable phone numbers and Emails


Hosting NSB created a redesign for Eldercare Simplified recreating a newer vibrate appearance with mobile responsiveness. Scrolling text was used on Home Page to engage viewers while delivering a message. Clickable buttons were installed for clients to easily reach the office through their computers or phones.

We used a color scheme of light blue for a soothing effect as the viewers navigate through the website. Featuring Icon Lists as opposed to the old fashioned bullet lists which is interactive and live.

Clients Rose and Susan were a delight to work for as they were very helpful in the building of this website. Thank you for providing us with constant feedback through the entire process!

Launch Project


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