HTTPS and SSL: The Future as Prescribed by Google

Security has always been a top priority for Google, as is a more global approach to keeping the entire Internet safe; and although Google is encouraged by the increasing numbers of webmasters subscribing to HTTPS, they would like to see more website owners switch from HTTP to HTTPS so that everyone is that much safer on the web. With the constant advances in this industry, it is essential to put the most powerful and proven safety measures in place.

Communications over the Internet could be extremely insecure if the proper measures aren’t taken, and that is where SSL and HTTPS come into play. SSL is a cryptographic protocol used to provide security for communication over the Internet. It works toward preserve privacy and message authentication codes to ensure reliable network connections.

HTTPS combines HTTP (Hyeper Text Transfer Protocol) AND SSL for an even more souped-up security system. HTTPS provides secure communication through encryption and identifies end points of connections – making it ideal for payment transactions and sensitive communiques.

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