Is Google the new boss in town?

When I think of Google I imagine a bearded man with a white robe holding a staff at the entrance of the pearly gates. This entity is the one that holds his hand out and runs through everything you have done in your life to decide if you are worthy of passage. This analogy may sound comical to some of you but it is what us web developers have to face on a daily basis.

Creating websites for a professional can be quite challenging as we have a checklist that we must follow thoroughly in order to comply with Googles Guides and Regulation. Not many people understand how this works and although it may seem easy it can be quite the opposite.

When we are making a website for a client we have to keep in mind a few factors.

  • Has to be auto responsive/mobile friendly
  • Must include keywords that will make the company easy searchable
  • Cannot contain too many links
  • Clear photos for sliders
  • Integrate social media 
  • Fast page loading speeds
  • Interesting content

Just naming  a few so you can understand the process of Website Development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Not only does the website have to look presentable and eye catching but it has to capture the customer’s interest in just a matter of seconds.

The next challenge for us comes when Google decides to launch new updates. This could be beneficial or can be daunting depending on the update. The lastest update Google released was dubbed Mobilegeddon which terrified many. Everyone with old sites had to scramble to get their websites redesigned to fit Google’s requests for mobile friendly sites.

Another interesting situation is that Google runs analytics on everyone’s webpage to see how many people are clicking and how long they stay on your website. The ones websites that are less popular and not compliant obviously get tossed to the bottom of the search engine pages. Our job is to make sure we cross our t’s and dot our i’s for the client not to suffer in the long run. We welcome challenges and when it comes time to meet Mr. Google at those gates we will meet him fully prepared and ready to pass.

Hosting NSB knows what it takes to make professional, fully functioning websites that are always Google compliant. We take pride in our customer support and work this is what sets us apart from the rest.

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