Learn How Google Controls Our Web Design Process

Back in the day, web design used to be about creating something unique and interesting that could catch a viewer’s eye and take an infinitely short time to download so no one lost interest before it popped up. Today, web design is all that and more. Now we also have to be responsive designers, creating a website that conforms to Google controls and translates across a myriad of devices – including anything from phones, to tablets, to desktops; and systems like Apple, Microsoft and Android. It’s not a job for the faint of heart!

Mobile devices are often constrained by screen size and require a different layout approach than – let’s say – your huge desktop screen. If you don’t adapt your design to work for any screen size, you run the risk of losing plenty of potential viewers. The same holds true for different types of systems.

At Hosting NSB, we are experts at designing websites that translate over every medium, knowing what makes your particular customers respond and implementing effective marketing techniques on websites. Then we take all our Googly goodness and everything mentioned above, and ensure that it will work on any device.

Everything we do will result in flexible interactions and high ranking on Google searches. It can be as complicated to using independent pixels to reflow content to match screen sizes and as simple as using font sizes that will work across the board. We look at background, orientation and resolution. We incorporate your branding and only use visuals that will translate across everything from phones to television screens. We conform to the best practices for Google SEO. Then, we test and re-test our designs to ensure that the result is a high quality, efficient website that is customer-friendly for everyone.

Solidify your Internet presence with a mobile responsive web site designed by the professionals at Hosting NSB.