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Social Media: Make it Work for You

Social Media: Make it Work for You

From Twitter to Facebook, to Google, to YouTube, to Foursquare and more, social media use is the hottest thing in marketing.

Brands and businesses such as Hosting NSB, Florida, are certainly making a stronger push than ever on social media, which makes sense — that’s where the people are. They are figuring out just how much social media marketing returns on investments of time and money.

Facebook marketing company Pagemodo recently pulled research from sources around the web to produce the infographic below, looking at just how much faith marketers have in social media. The aggregated data shows a sense of optimism.

Check below for more on how much faith businesses put in social media as a marketing tool, and for tips on additional ways to maximize results and measure influence.

Sixty-four percent of business owners say social media marketing is a promising tactic and they believe it provides returns — but they aren’t willing to go all in with it just yet and favor a more cautious approach. Another 20% are more bullish on its potential, according to the same study, while just 6% are hardcore skeptics.

How do marketers and entrepreneurs measure whether social media marketing pays off? Hosting NSB does so by measuring the accumulation of friends, likes, followers and other online connections. Thirty-nine percent look at shares of brand content, while 35% measure actual leads from social media. Just 18% measure success by overall brand awareness and favorability as gauged by consumer surveys.

Hosting NSB helps you maximize the potential of the social media network and to connect with your customers, clients and prospects. Social Networks have gained commercial traction – now is the time for you to establish your own Social Media presence.

Traditional “push” marketing, advertising and sales strategies simply don’t cut it in the Social Media arena. Let Hosting NSB build your visibility, stay ahead of the curve and deliver a real Return On Investment for your Social Media marketing dollars.