Website security

Technology has come a long way since the world began.  The first use of the word “computer” was recorded in 1613 in a book called “The yong mans gleanings” by English writer Richard Braithwait.  From the end of the 19th century the word began to take on its more familiar meaning, a machine that carries out computations. 

The computer is a device that runs our lives in even the smallest amount. Every part of our life is managed by a computer. From the moment we are born  in the United States we are given a name,  social security number, footprints and blood type information are collected and this is what identifies each person. This information is then logged into a computer for processing. From the Hospital, your information then goes to government offices where they keep your information forever.

We use computers to log into the internet for everything from banking, social networking, work, education, paying bills, gathering data, creating charts, storing information and research. They also help us manage our household, business and family daily. Every day we log into the internet to check our bank balances or pay a bills, etc.  There are many positive benefits from working with them but at the same time we want to ensure our information is protected at all times.  Here at Hosting NSB we run a firewall backend and virus protection on all of our websites. Security is important to us and it should be for you too.We also provide manual and automatic backup for all the sites we host.  Are you a business that needs Hosting NSB Services?

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