Who Is Behind Hosting NSB

You know how a great television show can run for years, but when one of the characters leaves, it’s just not the same; or when a come from behind football team wins the Superbowl, but after all the trades, they just don’t seem to show up the following year? That, my friend, is testament to what an exceptional team is all about, and Hosting NSB has got one exceptional team!

Ken, owner and founder of the illustrious Hosting NSB team, has been dedicated to providing unparalleled service to the New Smyrna Beach area since 1998. Other key team Hosting NSB players include Shea, who has been a web developer in the New Smyrna Beach area for over 15 years; his wife Elisa, who knocks it out of the park when it comes to web design; and Joyce, who is extremely instrumental in assuring that your experience with Hosting NSB is extraordinary. And don’t forget Dixie the cat, our mascot who will bring a smile to your face and has got absolutely everything under control.

Hosting NSB is a local business with experienced, professional, local staff, so we know the area, and we understand New Smyrna Beach marketing. We are dedicated to local businesses because we are one, and since we have spent so long in the industry, we know what works best when it comes to social media, SEO and so much more!

Hosting NSB has been providing trusted, reliable web design (and now professional web site photography) to New Smyrna Beach and the Volusia County area for over 15 years. We are also New Smyrna Beach’s hometown hosting solution, with lightning fast servers, 24-hour security and daily back-ups.

Give us a call at 386-427-6457 to answer any questions or to schedule your complimentary consultation.