Why Employers Need to Be Careful with AI

In its efforts to keep people safe from the potential dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the government is keeping a closer eye on things such as the safety of minors, data governance and ethical application when AI is in the picture. In fact, our government is cracking down with hefty fines, but that is not even the most concerning part. You, as an employer, can be held responsible for the inappropriate use of AI of your employees and vendors.

Here is just one example as of May 18th this year. AI in the workplace has been raising concerns. More specifically, the ethical implications of the use of AI within the hiring practice. For instance, say your Human Resources (HR) team uses software that implements decision-making algorithms. Not all of the nuances of these programs are considered acceptable; and On May 18th, the Equal Employment Opportunity released its guidance of the incorporation of AI as it relates to HR and the Civil Rights Act. It states that the use of AI which has a discriminatory impact on the basis of race, religion or sex is unlawful.

As you can see, the governance of AI usage is constantly evolving. So, employers need to do their due diligence to be certain that they and anyone under their employ is not unintentionally causing harm with the use of AI.

AI can be an incredible tool, particularly in business; but it is prudent to be very careful when it comes to this innovative technology…keeping tabs on constantly emerging laws to ensure that, as a business owner, you are in compliance and anyone working for you is too.