Avoid Incidents with Sharks with These Tips

The combination of a prolific aquatic ecosystem with tons of baitfish and surfers galore has helped New
Smyrna Beach attain its claim to fame as “The Shark Bite Capital of the World.” Yep, the entire
world…pretty scary, but here are some tips with teeth to help you enter our beautiful waters without
Avoid wearing jewelry. We humans may have a penchant for all that glitters like gold because it is
pretty, but shimmering metals can look like scales of a flavorful fish to someone of a shark-like
Also, try not to appear too much like a distressed fish by splashing and thrashing about. It’s best to
instead look like a person because, believe it or not, sharks aren’t hungering for you.
Steer clear of murky water, a proven preferred hunting ground for sharks including blacktips.
Much like getting in between large and in charge hungry humans and the buffet table, you don’t want to
swim during dinnertime for our toothy friends. It’s not their fault if you frolic around their appetizers
and they happen to mistake you for a canape. Try to limit your time in the ocean to bright daylight
hours. Sharks tend to hunt as the light gets low.
Swim in groups if you are a fast swimmer because the slow swimmers will get eaten first. I’m only
kidding. Swimming in groups actually increases the likelihood that a shark won’t approach.
Then go ahead and enjoy the waters of New Smyrna Beach. It’s beautiful out there and the water is

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