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Perrine’s Produce in Port Orange: A Brief Case Study

Got a new business? Moved your company to a new location? Making waves in your industry? 

Want to get your existing clients and/or potential customers stoked about it? Reach out to Hosting NSB. Hosting NSB specializes in creating hype for all sorts of commercial endeavors.

Here is one example of how…

Just recently, Hosting NSB utilized an individually tailored, heightened social media program and web video to create hype around the grand opening of the new Perrine’s Produce location in Port Orange. Here are some of the things we did to get the word out in Hosting NSB fashion:

We began by creating interest and engaging our target audience with interactive Facebook posts…providing recipes that could be made from some of the great grocery items at Perrine’s; asking customers about their favorite smoothies; and tantalizing with delightful descriptions and upcoming dates of wine tasting events. Teasers were added to Perrine’s existing website and Perrine’s e-newsletter included related content as well. 

Then, we took it a step further and amped up the excitement surrounding the grand opening even more. Telling a story through visuals can also be a very powerful thing, so we used videography to push our point home. We focused on customer benefit by panning the extensive square footage in the new space and then enticed potential customers with all of the amazing offerings that would be available at the new Perrine’s location. 

There were also blogs that spoke to a coffee grinding station and mouthwatering olive bar and cheese station, rows and rows of wines from around the world, a drink bar with smoothies and ice cream, fresh baked goods, delicious deli, ready meals to go, top quality meats and seafood, and of course the enormous selection of affordable, fresh produce for which Perrine’s Produce is so well known.

Are you ready to get hyped?

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