How to Handle a Bad Review on Google or Facebook

Positive reviews on Google or Facebook can encourage new business. Conversely, anything negative
that is written about your product or company is definitely not a good thing. None of us want our
sterling reputation affected by a few words, so what do you do if you receive a negative review on
Google or Facebook?

First of all, keep in mind that the more positive reviews you have, the more you drown out the negative
reviews. Reviews with the most interaction are listed first, so it is good to increase interaction with
positive responses.

You can also reach out to the recalcitrant reviewer by commenting on their post and hopefully satisfying
them enough that they either remove or change their review. Be professional, polite and positive when
you engage.

Specific to Facebook, you can click “I don’t like this review” on the dropdown menu in the upper right
corner of the review post. Another good thing is that if the review appears to be spam, Facebook may
remove it. If not, you CAN hide all the review on that page. The downside to this is that it will hide the
map that displays your location and any positive reviews there. It also prevents any new reviews.

If you decide the pain is worth the gain, simply navigate to your business page and click “settings” at the
top right. In the general section, click “reviews,” then click “disable,” then “save changes.”