It’s All about Sharing

Sharing useful knowledge has always been a powerful tool in business; but now, with all of the technological advances at our fingertips, we can take advantage of sharing at its best.

First of all, it is important to note that there are billions of people actively using social media. Utilizing highly targeted, cost-effective social media marketing to successfully connect with those people is an absolutely amazing marketing strategy…like marketing magic. Once social media users “share” your information, you are no longer paying to advertise. They are doing it for you with lightning speed and accuracy. Plus, savvy business owners know that third party endorsements from people your potential customers trust are a million times more valuable than you telling them how great your products or services are.

Ok, now let’s talk about just a few of the specific benefits of sharing on social media. Say your restaurant serves a really yummy, unique lunch special and a person with tons of followers likes it and posts a photo of it online. You now have those tons of followers salivating. Now let’s say that you post some helpful information online…maybe helpful tips for anyone who might use your product. Once a person finds this information useful and shares it, you have built your reputation as a knowledgeable contributor and leader in your industry. Or maybe you provide a highly competitive service, but you know you provide it better than anyone else out there. How do you let the right people know? You guessed it…sharing!

If you are not all that well-versed in the art of sharing online and successful social media marketing, don’t worry about a thing. Hosting NSB would be happy to share all of our tricks of the trade with you!

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