Mobile Search Growth

Today, mobile searches account for much more of the Internet search volume. If we are looking at total minutes spent online, mobile usage accounts for 71% of America’s market share. According to Hitwide, a division of Connexity, market share of online mobile searches by industry breaks down as follows: Food and Beverage – 72%, Health – 68%, Retail – 56%, Travel – 52%, Real Estate – 48%…and these are only a few!

There are some new innovations that have helped to increase mobile search growth. One of which is Google’s Click-to-Call. Click-to-Call makes it easier for mobile users to reach their intended target than it would be if they had to navigate an entire website. It allows the viewer to simply tap the link provided to call that particular vendor. Research indicates that businesses using Click-to-Call usually see a six to eight percent increase in response.

Time between Internet searches and action is also typically much shorter for mobile users. While users at home may be in no rush, a mobile user may want to purchase something on his/her way, so mobile clicks can be more valuable than desktop clicks to business owners. Reports indicate that one in three mobile searchers is more likely to actually make a purchase than desktop searchers.

It is also interesting to note that mobile usages can vary throughout the day. Mobile phone searches typically occur earlier in the morning, desktop searches are higher midday and tablet searches are more frequent in the evening.

While these numbers are staggering, mobile search market share has not yet been fully tapped. Now is the perfect time for businesses to make that portion of the market their own. Contact Hosting NSB – Volusia County’s trusted source for digital marketing – for help developing a successful mobile search strategy for your business.