Self Building Websites vs. Professional Websites

Many business owners do not realize that their website may be turning people away.  There are a few reasons this could be happening and how you can fix this.

Self Made Websites 

When a business owner is starting out it takes a huge financial toll on them. They tend to limit their costs when it comes to marketing or they may feel they don’t need it at all. This is a huge mistake that will affect your business in the long run. People believe that by cutting corners and making their own websites they are saving money but it is the complete opposite.

There are websites that offer self website building at cheap costs but the end results are largely different from a professional website. Most of you have heard the term, “you get what you pay for” and this could not be further from the truth.

Hosting NSB recognizes that in New Smyrna Beach consists of small businesses that do not have a huge budget for marketing and that is why we offer affordable pricing for Websites, Domain RegistrationHosting.  We offer websites that are auto responsive, pages are optimized, content is favorable for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and we stay current with all the tools and resources that are required to stay up to date with Google and it’s ever changing guidelines and updates.

Page Loading Speed

We live in a society of people that want instant gratification and having this mind set when something takes too long people lose interest. 47% of internet browsers expect a page to load within a couple seconds or less. If you have pages that load at slow rates from the start this can turn off your potential customer and they will look elsewhere.  Here at Hosting NSB we make sure all the websites we build have fast loading speeds that leave no room for lag or delays. Don’t lose business because of an oversight.

Unattractive Design

Most business owners know that to promote their business they need a website but don’t really know where to start as far as design. Designing your own website can be overwhelming and frustrating. Adding small photos, text and contact number may be ok for personal websites but not when you are trying to reach millions of people.When our clients meet with us initially we get a feel for the client and their business. We gather as much information we can and start planning our design. It is important to select themes and colors that will be visually attractive while maintaining high functionality. We have high standards when it comes to business and make sure your website portrays just that. Here at Hosting NSB we know that colors, fonts, layouts, buttons, widgets, menus, etc. need to display Feng Shui.


Think of your webpage as your spokesperson/representative. This is what will represent you, your business and your products. The way you showcase this information is crucial not only for informative purposes but the reader will know instantly if you are what they are looking for based on your web content. Hosting NSB makes sure our descriptions are interesting to read, eye catching, and most importantly contain the keywords that Google picks up. For example: When a customer does a web search for something they will usually shorter their search to a couple keywords such as florida vacations. Based on the content you have on your website if you happen to have these two keywords you are ahead in the game as your business that the potential to rank well.

By the end of this blog you probably realized your website needs a great deal of tweaking and you have come to the right place. By selecting Hosting NSB as your local website developers you are ensuring you are are getting the best marketing team for your business.