Why Using a Website Builder Can Affect Your Status Online

Okay, so website builders such as top-rated Wix do have some positives, but the negatives seem to far outweigh them.

Let’s talk positives. So take Wix, which seems to be the best ranked website builder and just see what we think. In the past, Wix has updated its tools regularly, so if it continues to do so, your website can grow with your company. Wix also offers up-to-date designs, such as background videos and page segmenting with different backgrounds for different page sections, which can be created by just dropping and dragging – no code is required.

But the biggy is not a positive. There is no Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with even top-rated website builders such as Wix. SEO is basically making your site more eye-catching to search engines so that your site is higher ranked in searches. With Wix, you don’t get that, and that is a huge detriment.

Wix has had somewhat of a shift from flash-based websites to a more SEO-friendly HTML5 template that is also more compatible with iPads and iPhones. However, Wix still does have flash-based templates – movie-like files which search engines don’t recognize for rankings.

What this means to you is that, with Wix, you would have to take care of heading tags, title tags and linking all on your own. Not too peachy.