Why Do Websites Go Down?

There are so many reasons that websites can go down. Let’s start with one of the worst offenders – coding errors. The reason this is a prevalent problem is because tons of code goes into a single webpage, so there are, subsequently, tons of opportunities for error. This is very problematic because when someone writes bad code, it has the potential to take down anything from one page to an enormous website or more. Plus, when new code is being written or website maintenance is required, you may receive an “Under Construction” message instead of being delivered to your intended destination.

Differences in web browsers can also be a problem. For example, the same page that presents perfectly on Chrome could display poorly on Vivaldi. Plus, patchy Internet service and Internet service provider blockages are never good and poorly coded or outdated plugins can cause conflicts.

Additionally, network overloads, which can be created by hackers or demand from too many visitors, can cause websites to go down. The same way that your computer can become overloaded causing it to run slowly or crash, web servers can become overloaded as well, resulting in extremely long page load times or no access at all.

The good news is that when Hosting NSB designs your website, you can be sure that your website features translate smoothly across browsers; we can ensure that you have security in place to protect your website from hackers and overload issues; we optimize and ready your website for high traffic spikes; and we make certain your plugins are up to date and compatible. In other words, life is good!

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