Your Go-to Digital Consultants…Hosting NSB

Hosting NSB can help you tackle any digital problem – large or small. Here are just a few examples of how we can help…

Wondering how to stand out among big conglomerates without the stand-out budget to match? Creative digital marketing and properly managed social media are solid ways to build a solid online presence without a solid budget. The key is to do it right. You can’t compete equally everywhere when trying to gain your market share from companies with larger budgets, but you certainly have some great options…

You can stretch your digital marketing dollar by targeting your audience by age, gender, location, behavior and more. My mentor used to say, put your fishing pole in the water where the fish are biting or you’re just not fishing. So, basically, you want to reach the type of people who would most want your product, with the intent and means to purchase it. Sound like a pretty big undertaking? Not to Hosting NSB, and we’d love to help you.

Hosting NSB can help you improve your social media presence by implementing a local marketing strategy for you and cutting out the extraneous (not so local) waste. Why market to Illinois when you want people to visit your shop in Florida? We can also help you work on good reciprocal links, connecting with positive local influencers, using location when you tag your posts and making sure you are in the right local online business directories.

Hosting NSB can help you choose the most advantageous social media platforms and make the most of them. Don’t necessarily go head to head with your competition. Work other angles/platforms, and choose search words that are just as effective, but more unique than the keywords your competition’s.

Plus, Hosting NSB can improve your click-to-conversion rate by analyzing your audience and helping you scream customer benefit in your content. We can also help you engage and interact with relevant shoppers. 

And here’s an added bonus…all the aforementioned strategies will help improve your ranking! Come talk to Hosting NSB today about what you would like to accomplish.

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