A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words!

Our visual sense is a very powerful one – tempting us with colors and tantalizing images which can entice us to do all sorts of things. The general public is well aware that interesting visuals can draw the eye. On average, we upload around 95 million photos on Instagram and a whopping 300 million to Facebook every single day.

Savvy marketers have caught on too. There has been a notable shift toward the use of more images in advertising and marketing content; and research indicates that news articles with photos get more views than articles appearing with just text and Facebook posts with images receive well over 300% more interest than simple links. 

Photos can tell a story (which tends to have a significant effect on potential customers) and they can create certain perceptions or a specific tone, lend credibility, as well as convey importance and urgency. Photos can even ensure that your content resonates more deeply with intended viewers…and emotional connections can definitely result in sales conversions, proving that there is a definite link between photos and customer behavior.

Whether you are a home builder or a hobbyist, Hosting NSB can provide affordable photos and videography. Our exceptional photographers have years of experience and our equipment is impeccable – a Canon 10D offering flexible parameters, an orientation sensor, improved focus and white balance features, providing versatile range and flawless reproduction.

Original photos can add color, artistic flair and personalization to any presentation, as well as intensify product identity. If you want to show your best side, engage and inspire with photographs from Hosting NSB.

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