Announcement? Newsletter!

Got something important to say and need an exceptional marketing vehicle to get your message across? Think newsletter! Newsletters are a great way to gain attention, share information and tell your story in a way that a tiny ad just simply cannot. So go ahead and tell that expanded story, providing updates, explaining the virtues of your services and touting the unique nuances of your products…in a newsletter!

Newsletters are also an excellent way to build credibility, create a comfort level and improve communication among your existing customers, potential customers and employees. Plus, newsletters provide an amazing way to share your expertise with the world, positioning yourself as a leader in the industry…and increase sales…and isn’t that the point?

Is your business expanding or moving? Are you adding new products or services? Got an amazing new employee? Are you planning an upcoming event? Do you need to provide your stakeholders with information that requires very specific and detailed information? Newsletters can spread the word and they can be printed and mailed or handed out, as well as digitally created for an extremely cost-effective way to reach customers, employees or stakeholders or placed on your website to provide important updates, while – at the same time – improving your SEO!

Newsletters are also one of a variety of efficient marketing tools provided by Hosting NSB. If you would like to learn more, contact us at 386-427-6457 or

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