Be Smart for Hurricane Safety

Hurricane safety applies to business owners as well as residents; and if you’ve ever been through a major hurricane, you know these storms are no joke. The smartest thing you can do to ensure safety during a hurricane is to be prepared, so…

Make certain that your generators and sump pumps are in working order, your gas and propane tanks are full and you have working flashlights and batteries. Keep a stash of non-perishable food items and water that will last for several days. Figure a gallon for each person and don’t forget your pets.

If you are a business owner, always keep your employee contact list up to date so that you can provide all employees with any necessary communication. Disengage all production and any non-essential equipment and make sure that fire extinguishers are in working order. You also want to shut off any gas in case of pipe breakage and make certain that floor drains are free of debris. 

Business owners as well as residents need to protect important documents. A good way to do this is by making duplicates which are kept in a safe place offsite. Computer equipment also needs protection. Back up your data before the storm. Move all computers and computer peripherals away from windows and off the floor. Since power surges can occur and damage your equipment once power is restored, shut down your computer, monitor and all other peripherals; unplug power cords from all devices; and when you turn everything back on, start with your peripherals first.

Stay weather aware so that you know when the impending hurricane is due to arrive. Secure all doors, board windows and, of course, evacuate – if necessary – with ample time on your side, gas in your tank and cash in your pocket.

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