Catch the Tourist’s Eye!

New Smyrna Beach is a tourist town, so successful business owners here understand the importance of catching the eye of tourists in order to maximize profits. 

Say It with Social Media – One very important way to do that is with an expertly crafted social media marketing program. The tourists you might like to target may be staying with friends who share your posts…and whether you are a bar owner whose posts are geared toward live music events and happy hour specials or you are a beachside retail store owner with sales and specials on all sorts of cute little trinkets to promote, this sort of exposure is extremely valuable.

Websites that Wow – Say you are a restaurant owner and a vacationer who is staying at one of the condos in New Smyrna Beach happens to be hungry. When they start browsing the web, your restaurant’s website needs to grab their attention and real them in. Better yet, if you offer an easy online ordering method and they are leaning toward take-away, you’re golden. Or maybe you are a beach rental company that handles paddle boards, kayaks and other jazzy beach stuff. You’re not the only one, but you certainly want to appear as if you are the best one – whether you stand apart with your products or your pricing…and a REALLY good way to do that is with a website that wows.

Finish First – There is a lot to be said for coming in first, especially if you are a business owner who wants their business to pop up first when someone is conducting an Internet search for a product or service during their stay in New Smyrna Beach. You do that with SEO.

Don’t take chances with your livelihood. Hosting NSB is a local firm that knows your market well and comes with years of experience in all of the above and everything else that relates to successful online marketing – during tourist season and all the other seasons too!


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