Copyright Issues!

Copyright infringement isn’t a crime for which you will do time, but it is a situation that could result in hefty fines and embarrassment. It could also create a blow to your company image and erode the trust and valuable business relationships you have worked diligently to build over time.

Here’s how it works…

A copyright is the exclusive, legal right given to the creator of material including literary, artistic and musical works. Copyright infringement is the use of copyright-protected material without permission. 

Just an aside, the permission for use of copyrighted material is often permitted within a certain period of time for a certain size audience. For instance, you may pay for a copyrighted graphic you want to use in an ad. The cost of that may depend on the subscribership of the publication or publications in which you plan to run your ad and the length of time that ad will run.

Let Hosting NSB alleviate you of any concerns relating to copyrights. Whether it be for photos, graphics, logos, music or copy for blogs, a website, brochures, ads or newsletters; Hosting NSB’s work is always original – ensuring you of copyright infringement-free success.

Hosting NSB also has access to an extensive network of existing sources that provide both free and copyrighted items for a fee; and we have the experience and knowledge to procure these items lawfully on your behalf.


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