Copyright: Why Hosting NSB Can Help

Copyright infringement can cause big problems for businesses and individuals. When you knowingly or even unknowingly use someone else’s copyrighted words, photos, graphics, music, etc. it could result in fines as well as embarrassment. If you run a company, you know how important your business relationships can be. Copyright infringement can erode the trust and valuable business relationships you have worked diligently to build over time. Hosting NSB can help you avoid all that.

At Hosting NSB, we have spent years cultivating new products to meet our clients’ growing list of needs and those include original graphics, photos, music, copy and more. We painstakingly, personally custom- tailor these items for each of our clients so that they can remain confident that all of their marketing materials and communications are original works of art.

Hosting NSB can also acquire existing copyrighted materials on your behalf. Here’s how that works…

A copyright is the exclusive, legal right given to the creator of material including literary, artistic and musical works. Some of the owners of those works will grant permission for use of their copyrighted material. The cost of that item will depend on the length of time that item is used and the size of the audience it reaches. For instance, if you decide you want to use a copyrighted graphic in an ad, you would provide the owner or broker with the subscribership of the publication and how many times your ad will run in order for them to determine your price.

Whether it is photos, graphic design, music or copy for blogs, a website, brochure, ad or newsletter; Hosting NSB can alleviate any of your concerns relating to copyrights. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 386-427-6457.

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