COVID Updates for New Smyrna Beach

Back in July of 2020, New Smyrna Beach began requiring the wearing of face masks in public places. Additionally, adhering to CDC recommendations was requested of everyone who lived, worked, conducted business and visited New Smyrna Beach. This included social distancing – even on beaches and wearing face coverings when social distancing was not possible. However, these New Smyrna Beach mandates were not enforced; nor were there penalties for those who did not comply; and there were no recent plans for extending these COVID safety protocols. New Smyrna Beach Mayor Russ Owen was quoted saying he believed that the change would not seriously affect New Smyrna Beach.

Also, according to an executive order from the office of Florida’s governor, since “every Floridian who desired a vaccine is eligible to obtain one and in order to accelerate the state’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 emergency, there are no longer restrictions on individuals or businesses.” Further, Governor Ron DeSantis made certain that vaccination passports could not be required by any business or those businesses would be heavily fined.

In July of 2021, even New Smyrna Beach schools followed suit when Volusia County joined Lake Mary, Seminole and Brevard counties in reducing their mask requirements to optional for students, visitors, teachers and other staff.

So, basically, it is back to business as usual in New Smyrna Beach, aside from public transportation including Votran commuter buses and within their facilities, as well as Uber – both of which require riders to mask up whether they are vaccinated or not. Also, individuals and private businesses are allowed to proceed any way they wish as far as COVID-19 safety protocols.

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