Daytona Escape Room

What better way to enjoy the day than to test your mad skills at mystery solving in a Daytona Escape Room? How about exercising maximum caution and keeping everyone in your family or crew safe by trying out one of Daytona Escape Room’s new virtual experiences? 

That’s right! Hosting NSB teamed up with Daytona Escape Room to create amazing virtual escape room experiences that will take your fun levels over the top even during the pandemic! Just goes to show you that whatever your business needs, Hosting NSB can make it happen, so go ahead and think outside of the box. We can help!

Okay, back to the business at hand for all the mystery lovers out there…Are you stuck at home and want something cool and different to do with your friends? Do you have what it takes to escape? Visit to view all the escape room choices and book your live escape room experience to see! Daytona Escape Room is a great virtual birthday experience, an excellent team-building exercise for co-workers and just plain wicked fun whether you are in quarantine or not!

The brick and mortar Daytona Escape Room is located at 679 Beville Road in South Daytona, but here’s even more good news. Daytona Escape Room also now offers three escape rooms in Cocoa Beach at Epic Escapes and has two additional open escape rooms at Beat the Clock in Titusville for your enjoyment.

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