Featured Client: Power Blast Pressure Washing Services in New Smyrna Beach

Featured Client: Power Blast

Hosting NSB is pleased to announce that Power Blast Pressure Washing, LLC, a trusted provider of residential and commercial power washing to the New Smyrna Beach area, has joined our client roster.

Power Blast Pressure Washing, LLC is unique in that its high performance pressure washer holds 525 gallons, operates at 4000 psi and is equipped to adjust water temperature to 250 degrees. Other companies with standard cold water units just can’t compare. They clean it all, from houses, to mobile homes, campers/RVs, cars, trucks, boats, trailers, engines, trailers, to everything in homes from driveways to walkways, steps, porches, screen enclosures, patios, patio furniture, grills decks, fences, walls, pools, garage floors and more. They also offer a wide array of commercial services including, but not limited to office buildings, condos, store fronts, restaurants, parking lots, entryways, sidewalks, truck fleets, tractor trailers…you name it, they pressure wash it!

Power Blast Pressure Washing, LLC utilized Hosting NSB very early in the business development process. Because of that, we were able to create a beautiful and effective website and Facebook page before their business cards were even printed! The early business development process is the best possible time to get started with a new website, as the website itself takes time to build its reputation. Research also indicates that the website and business will grow at a quicker rate when they are launched simultaneously. Additionally, Hosting NSB handles all digital marketing for Power Blast, providing them with a powerful, uniform presence. Their blogging campaign, Facebook advertising and Google PPC, also developed by Hosting NSB, all help to ensure a quicker branding process

“We are extremely excited to be able to help this brand new business, and we look forward to seeing them grow,” says Hosting NSB Web Developer Shea Crawford.