Leveraging Facebook Advertising to Grow your Business

Facebook Advertising – An Exciting Way to Build Your Brand

Facebook has become a household word for everyone from teens to grandparents. This huge pool of potential customers makes Facebook advertising an extremely valuable tool to include in any marketing campaign. It is also budget-friendly and completely customizable!

Compared to other forms of advertising, Facebook ads are highly effective at a much lower cost point, and your Facebook advertising can be as elaborate as you choose. You always get what you pay for with Facebook advertising. For instance, business owners pay only when a Facebook user clicks through their website. Facebook ads run from lower cost per click options to more detailed target marketing.

With Facebook advertising, potential customers can be targeted based on their personal interests. In fact, you can target anything on a user’s profile! It is also easy to gear ads toward a geographic location. If you only want people from 25-55 years of age living in Chicago, IL, that is exactly what you will get.

Additionally, it is easy to track the return on your investment because there is always feedback with Facebook advertising. All Facebook ads run with a Like button, so if a Facebook user “likes” your ad, it will appear to all of her friends, further promoting your business. In contrast, users can close your ad and provide a reason so that you can see why your ad is not doing well. You will also know the number of times your ad was shown, what actions users took pertaining to your ad and your estimated cost per click.

Since Facebook is such a huge part of American culture today, Facebook advertising is important for any business. In fact, it has become so widely used, that you need to incorporate it into your advertising campaign just to make certain your company is on a level playing field with your competitors.

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