Mobile Website Is #1!

A mobile website is one of the most effective ways to achieve the broadest marketing outreach possible. Smartphone users make up over 86% of the world and those people use their phones, on average, about 5 ½ hours a day, a portion of which is for research and making purchases. Mobile websites are specifically designed with handheld devices, such as smartphones and tablets, in mind. They are also excellent for touchscreen interface and compatible across all platforms. 

You may be wondering how mobile apps stack up in comparison. Mobile apps can be beneficial for gaming or in instances when you need offline access, but for displaying mobile-friendly content to the largest possible audience, mobile websites far outshine mobile apps. Let’s talk specifics…

  • Mobile websites provide instant access, whereas mobile apps require downloading.
  • Mobile websites are compatible with all devices, whereas mobile apps require a specific version for each.
  • Mobile website production and maintenance is simpler and consequently more affordable.
  • Need flexible content? Mobile websites can be instantly updated, whereas mobile app updates require downloading.
  • Mobile websites can easily be shared to increase their viewership, whereas (you guessed it) mobile apps cannot.
  • Want longevity? Research indicates that mobile app users tend to delete certain apps after a period of time, whereas mobile websites are accessible for the long haul.
  • If you do decide that you would like a mobile app – because they do have their advantages, it is actually best to start by first developing a mobile website. In fact, mobile websites can even be developed to act very much like an app!


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