Need Music for Your Next Promotional Video?

Research indicates that music can improve brain function, endurance and performance. It can help us sleep, reduce stress and even decrease pain. In essence, it is a magic elixir that can trigger certain desirable reactions. 

At Hosting NSB, we specialize is background music creation that elicits the intended response for your particular project. So, if you need music for you next promotional video – something that motivates, relaxes, acts as a mood booster or does something else entirely, take note!

We make and mix music on-site at Hosting NSB through sheaelisa, a musical collaboration established in 2013. Musical designs by sheaelisa are shaped by both old and new influences and are a varied array depicting joy, love, forgiveness, hope, loss, sorrow, appreciation, renewal, hope and creativity…whatever it is our clients require. 

If you need background music for anything from video work, to commercials, to Facebook promotions or your website, and you would like an idea of what we can do for you; visit to peruse an collection of some of the musical pieces we have previously created.  

For more information about music made and mixed at Hosting NSB, stop by our new 40 Faulkner and Canal Street location in New Smyrna Beach or just give us a call at 386-427-6457. We’d love to help you with your next project.

Additionally, Hosting NSB has expanded its services to include graphic design services such as logos, posters, restaurant menus and book covers in both print and online formats. We also provide services including small event promotion, newsletter creation, email blasts, copywriting, photography, marketing strategizing, google advertising, social media development and management, email hosting, domain name registration, website design and WordPress website updates. 

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